Major Renovations

Renovations can turn an outdated or unattractive house into a beautiful dream home—sometimes to the point where it feels like a brand new home!

A renovated home can also reap the benefits of added property value, energy savings, and personal satisfaction.

Our process is simple:

1) We discuss your vision.

We get together and listen to what you’re hoping the end result will be. We also provide some input based on our experience.

2) We provide early designs.

After assessing your property, we draw up preliminary drawings for you. This step adds a tangible element to your dream to show what the best option will be.

3) We estimate added value.

After crunching some numbers, we’ll be able to provide an estimate of how much value you’ll add by renovating your property. In some cases, the value is substantial.

From there, we begin the construction process. This phase includes finalizing designs, obtaining permits and bonds, building, cleaning up, and handing over the keys. Contact us, and we’ll provide more information on the construction phase.

Our Renovations


Mike & Iris